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Garage door repair services are a dime a dozen today but finding one that is worth every penny is difficult. When it comes to your garage doors, a lot can go wrong with that big piece of machinery due to its constant use and potential accidents. Trying to fix or maintain your garage door yourself can result in additional unforeseen problems. If you do not know what you’re doing, it is always best to search for a garage door company that offers services like the best ‘garage door spring replacement near me

There are many reasons why garage doors break down over time. These problems usually begin on a small but noticeable scale. Unfortunately, most of us tend to ignore these, hoping that these problems will just go away. Your garage door has several parts, among which are the garage door springs which need to be replaced after about five to seven years depending on usage. But knowing which spring to buy and how to install can be a difficult decision. So, here is some information on the two kinds of garage door springs mainly used for garage doors:

Extension Springs:

Extension springs have an elaborate setup, and you can find them on your door’s upper tracks on both sides of the garage. Usually found in older houses, they are comparatively less expensive than torsion springs. New garage doors don’t use them very often as their life cycle is shorter than that of torsion springs. While not as extensively used as their counterparts, extension springs give you about 10,000 cycles. One ‘cycle’ is equal to opening as well as closing the garage door once. It is preferable to have your extension springs installed by a professional as they have an elaborate setup, and you don’t want to risk doing it wrong. When an extension spring breaks, it can sometimes fling apart, making it potentially dangerous, which is why it is imperative to get your garage door spring replacement done by a professional. While extension springs are going out of favor today, if you have a garage door that you don’t use a lot, they can be the perfect fit for you. Extension springs are also cheaper than torsion springs and can give you a quality experience at a lesser price.

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Torsion Springs:

Torsion springs don’t have a very elaborate setup and are placed right above the closed garage door. Installing them is more straightforward, but it is preferable to get it done with a trained technician. These springs cost more than extension springs due to their quality and construction. Torsion springs can last you up to seven years with a cycle of 15,000. They are well suited for extensive use and are used in commercial garages a lot. These torsion springs are also being used with most of the new garage doors today. After the lifecycle of a torsion spring ends, when the torsion spring breaks, it recedes into a shaft keeping it safe from causing damage. 


When it comes to securing the best’ garage door repair near me, there are only a few companies that can provide you with the quality you deserve. Your ideal garage door repair service should provide you with quality work at an affordable price. At Madison garage door repair, you get all these attributes as a part of the complete Madison experience. Having a reliable company can help you out when you need quick and efficient work. Most importantly, thanks to the 24/7 emergency service, you can get your garage door fixed whenever an issue arises. 


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