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5 Easy Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Opening and closing your garage door is more frequent than you realize, and typically occurs multiple times a day. With such continuous usage, which you will probably start noticing now, frequent maintenance needs become important. To make sure that your garage door remains functional and operates smoothly over the years, here are some care and maintenance tips.

At Husk Garage Door Repair, we offer one-stop solutions for all your maintenance needs, so that your frantic search for “garage door repair near me” can come to an end. Our years of experience have shown us that these 5 easy maintenance tips can make your garage door last longer and operate more smoothly.

  • Take care of the Hardware:  

    As contrasting as these two words might sound, the hardware on your garage door needs TLC (tender-loving-care).  The constant use of a garage door can easily cause the hardware to loosen up, causing issues you might not necessarily appreciate. That is why it is important for you to keep the hardware in check and inspect from time to time.

  • Lubricate your Garage Door:

    Friction is your worst enemy.  That is why it is important to lubricate key parts and points on your garage door.  These parts can wear out quickly over time without proper care.  Planned and timely maintenance will enhance the lifespan of your garage door by a decade or more. There are many good products in the market designed especially for garage doors.


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  • Keep the balance in check: Yes, the weight of a garage door is balanced between the rollers and the main arm.  If the balance of the garage door is knocked off-kilter and you see an unequal distribution of weight, your garage door will cause a number of problems. The garage door can jam, fall off track, and/or break.  That is why it is important to observe, from time-to-time, the complete opening, and closing of your garage door to make sure it is operating properly.
  • Keep the rollers rolling: Checking up on your rollers every year can be a good rule of thumb. Rollers that get cracked or chipped can cause performance issues. Using this tip will make sure you do not have to look for a garage door installation near me due to an unforeseen emergency.
  • Timely Inspection:  Timely and periodic inspection of your garage door is the best way to keep things in check. This all-round maintenance tip will help you spot peeling damage, water damage, or other issues that might be occurring. Make sure you run timely checks so you don’t have any unnecessary surprises.


Good maintenance will improve the lifespan and the durability of your garage door by a considerable number of years. Make a habit of inspecting and maintaining your garage door.  If a problem does occur, rest assured that our customer-friendly team will have you covered. 

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